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Magi Journey

The book project began in 2013. Magi Journey is a trilogy designed to tell two stories. The first is the journey of the Magi as they see the Messiah’s star and travel to Bethlehem to worship. The second  is the story of God’s Love, Justice, Judgment and Redemption as revealed through his judgment and subsequent redemption of Israel from Babylonian captivity. The series is a parallel story of redemption. In story one the Magi journey to worship the redeemer of mankind, and in the second Israel is redeemed from captivity. Books one and two, Assyria and Babylonia, are now complete and available on Amazon. Book three, Persia, will be available in the fall of 2022. Two things inspired this series. First is the lack of historical fiction covering the events in the Middle East from 734 to 500 BC. The second is the lack of a clear understanding today of the critical link between the Old and New Testaments. Actually, there is a third motivation – to tell a rip roaring true tale of the of the actual battle for the Throne, and it’s no game.


Now Available on Amazon

Magi Journey | Assyria

The book project began in 2013. Magi Journey – Assyria is the first of a three-book series. Two things inspired this series. First is the lack of historical fiction covering the events in the Middle East from 734 to 500 BC. The first book will cover the prophets of Judah, and military campaigns during that period, which carry out God’s judgments on Israel and Judah.

Magi Journey now available on Amazon

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Terry Garner Author Of Magi Journey - Assyria
The story of

Terry Garner

Former Marine, Manufacturing/Finance executive turned writer. I have a passion for Scripture, with a focus on the OT prophets.

I taught in our college ministry for 15 years, and have written commentaries on Isaiah and Judges. One of my writing missions is to reinforce the message that all scripture is about Jesus Christ. The plan of redemption is in Genesis through Revelations. You cannot have the New Testament without the Old Testament. I pray the Magi Journey series will help make history come alive for the reader as they meet the prophets, and see judgment and redemption fulfilled through the eyes of the Magi.

I believe Scripture is inerrant in its original autographs, and it is sufficient. I believe in amago de, that mankind is unique and is made in the image of God.

Magi Journey Book Series

Magi Journey - Assyria

Magi Journey - Babylonia

Magi Journey - Persia

I hope you enjoy reading the story as much as I have enjoyed writing the story!

- Terry Garner
Magi Journey

The Project

The three-book series of the Chaldean Magi Family from 734 BC in Nineveh, Assyria to Bethlehem in Judah in year zero, is a series titled Magi Journey.

The three books center on the prophecies of Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Daniel. Prophecies of judgment and redemption are seen through the eyes of the Chaldean Magi. The story in the series is told by the Magi, who see the star of the Messiah and journey from Persepolis, Persia, to Bethlehem. The Family has two storytellers who teach the Family’s children each evening. The teachers, Rahim and Pari, unroll the ancient scrolls written by their ancestors and teach the children. The scrolls tell the story of their involvement with the prophets and how the Family became secret believers and followers of YAHWEH.

It also tells the story of the Magi who served in the Assyrian and Babylonian armies as they carried out the judgments on Israel and Judah.